Privacy Notice 

Ulster Beekeepers Association (UBKA) is the principal membership organisation for beekeepers in Ulster. Members primarily join via beekeeping Associations affiliated to UBKA.

UBKA also welcomes other participants to its annual Conference, courses and workshops, honey show and other beekeeping related events.
To operate effectively we retain information on members and other participants in our activities.

This privacy notice specifies what information we store and how we store it to keep it secure, who we share it with and the rights of those on whom we hold information.

The roles of UBKA are as follows:

To arrange third party insurance for UBKA Executive, affiliated Associations and UBKA  members as they conduct beekeeping activities.

To provide courses, seminars and other activities to educate members in beekeeping practice, to ensure they are well informed on issues concerning honey bee health and emerging threats to the well-being of honey bees and to organise training in other areas relevant to their beekeeping activities such as First Aid and Child Protection.

To organise an annual Conference with the objective of promoting local beekeeping and to ensure UBKA members are kept informed on developments in beekeeping.

To organise an annual Honey Show for members and others to exhibit honey bee hive products.

To represent the interests of UBKA members to Government and on beekeeping forums and committees and to disseminate information from such sources to its members.

Information we need from members.
All members: Name, postal address, email address, phone number, their affiliated Beekeeping Association.
Additional Information we need from members teaching on UBKA organised courses:
Copy of their AccessNI (or equivalent) Advanced Clearance Certificate.

Information we need from those enrolled on courses.
Name, postal address, email address, phone number, relevant health conditions (eg. sting allergy and dyslexia). In the case of children or vulnerable adults: name of parent or responsible adult carer.

Information we need from suppliers and non-members participating in UBKA events.
Name and contact details (email or postal address)

Why we need this information – contractual purposes.

We need the information on members to:

To issue notices of the UBKA AGM.

Provide third party insurance for their beekeeping activities.

Identify members entitled to attend UBKA organised events restricted to members.

Safely organise beekeeping activities in accordance with good risk management.

Why we need this information – legal obligations. 

To comply with legislation regarding the protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults

Why we need this information – legitimate purpose.

To inform members of beekeeping events, courses and examinations.

To advise members of good practice and threats such as disease outbreaks, pests and pesticide poisoning risks.

To survey members regarding beekeeping practices and outcomes.

To inform previous participants at UBKA events of forthcoming events.

To manage the participation of suppliers at the UBKA annual conference.

Who we share information with.

The UBKA and the College of Agriculture Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) have a Data Sharing Agreement whereby information on participants on courses delivered by UBKA to prepare participants for the Preliminary and Intermediate Certificates of the Federation of Irish Beekeeping Associations (FIBKA) is shared.
The information shared between UBKA and CAFRE is:
Enrolment details of participants on the courses.
Examination results of participants who apply and sit the FIBKA examinations.

In addition, UBKA will provide any information required by the Police Service of Northern Ireland regarding the safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults.

Third party suppliers with access to UBKA held information.

Paypal process payments of participants in the UBKA annual conference.

Printers may be provided with the name, address and local association of members for the sole purpose of printing membership cards or conference attendance identification.

How we protect your information.

All information is stored in password protected e-mail accounts and electronic files managed by the UBKA Secretary, Treasurer and Conference Secretary

The information is backed up on a data stick to protect against a ransomware attack.

How long we hold information.

UBKA does not retain personal information following notification of an individual’s death.

Member’s data is deleted if membership is not renewed for 3 consecutive years.

Personal data of individuals and data of organisations will be deleted if they have not attended a UBKA event for 3 consecutive years.

Rights of individuals whose information we hold.

Individuals will be able to request a copy of the information that we hold about them.

We will amend the information when informed of any required modification.

Individuals will be able to unsubscribe from further email communication.

We will delete the individual’s information if requested to do so, apart from any legal requirements to retain information.

Any of the above options can be implemented by contacting [email protected]

Individuals will be informed of their right to raise a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office at

UBKA May 2018

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Privacy Notice

Children and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy