Who We Are

Ulster Beekeepers Association (UBKA) represents the interests of beekeepers across all beekeeping associations in the province of Ulster. We support and promote education and practical skills to beekeepers to encourage high standards of beekeeping.

We promote healthy and happy beekeeping for the well-being of both beekeepers and honey bees and we increase public awareness and education on the importance of honey bees and pollinators to our environment and biodiversity.

How can we help you

We can help you enter the world of the honey bee with practical education on how to keep bees along with access to knowledge on the science of bees.

How to become a beekeeper

UBKA organises and runs high-quality courses from beginner to senior level which gives very comprehensive theory and practical education to the student. These courses are run in partnership with the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise, CAFRE, and Open College Network Northern Ireland, OCNNI.

Where is my local association? 

Check our listing for your local beekeeping association.

History of UBKA

The Ulster Beekeepers’ Association (UBKA) began in Belfast at the end of October 1942 to form an association known as the “Ulster Bee Keepers Association”.

Going from strength to strength, 80 years later the UBKA held its 76th Annual Conference in Greenmount College in February 2020 with the theme “Love Bees, Love Pollinators”. Prof. Tom Seeley, Cornell University US and Prof. Debbie Delaney, Delaware University US were the main speakers, along with Flemming Vejsnaes, Denmark, Chris Hodges, Mark Wallace, Megan Seymour, and Prof Dara Kilmartin.  There was a lecture stream from the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan featuring Prof, Jane Stout, Dr Una Fitzpatrick, Saorla Kavanagh and Juanita Browne. Attendance was a record at 570 delegates.

We currently have 15 Local Associations and 1100 members. UBKA is run by an Executive Team elected every twelve months.