‘Introduction to Beekeeping’ Course

‘Introduction to Beekeeping’ is an Open College Network Northern Ireland (OCN NI) Level 1 endorsed course, developed by the UBKA Education and Assessment Team in conjunction with CAFRE and OCN NI.  It aims to give those interested in taking up beekeeping the basic knowledge and skills to enable them to care for their honeybees.  It provides a pathway to more advanced courses which build upon the experience gained.

Introduction to Beekeeping – Beekeepers | CAFRE


The course is delivered by suitably qualified tutors in 7 x 2 hour sessions, which may be held in a classroom or on Zoom, followed by 3 sessions in the local Association apiary which will give students the ability to handle honeybees. 

Course Content

The course has 6 units:

  • Unit 1: Beekeeping Equipment
  • Unit 2: Natural History of the Honeybee
  • Unit 3: Beekeeping – The Year’s Work in the Apiary
  • Unit 4: Keeping Honeybees Healthy
  • Unit 5: Harvesting Honey
  • Unit 6: Practical Work in the Apiary


Assessment of Units 2 to 5 will be by the completion of student workbooks. Units 1 and 6 will be assessed by observation of students completing the practical tasks. All Units must be completed to a satisfactory standard to obtain the Level 1 award.

Entry requirement

the minimum age for candidates participating in this course is 16 years. By special arrangement with course tutors, 13-15 year olds can attend if accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Cost: £135 which covers a registration fee, assessment fees and tuition.


UBKA Education & Assessment Team Chair

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UBKA Education & Assessment Team Secretary 

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Further information and registration

For further information and to register for a course, please visit the CAFRE website and enter ‘Beekeeping’ in the search.